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UV Light Installation in Clermont, FL

Many Clermont, FL, homeowners are investing in UV light components for their HVAC systems to capture the considerable benefits that this type of technology provides. In fact, you have probably seen a similar setup in commercial businesses. 

By placing the lights in optimal locations within your HVAC system, you can help your family enjoy cleaner air.

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What Are the UV Light Benefits for Your Clermont, FL, Home?

Even before UV light systems were adapted for residential use, the technology was used in a variety of industries. From helping hospitals maintain sterile environments to assisting the police with crime scene investigations, there are many ways that UV or ultraviolet lighting proves beneficial. 

Here are a few ways the technology will help your HVAC system run more efficiently:

  • Eliminates the microbes and germs that carry disease
  • Reduces pollen and other allergens in the air
  • Removes volatile organic compounds (VOC) 
  • Helps control odors
  • Helps HVAC systems run cleaner and more efficiently

Since there will be fewer pollutants and microbes in the air, your Clermont, FL, home’s HVAC system will have fewer contaminants to filter. As a result, the system will run better for longer and require fewer repairs. Ultimately, this means you’ll have lower upkeep costs throughout the year.

How Often Are UV Light Repair Services Needed?

You will only need UV light repair when the bulbs burn out, which is the same as operating any other type of lighting fixture. In general, the bulbs in a UV light HVAC system will last between about 12 – 18 months. 

As a Global Cooling technician replaces your bulbs, they will also ensure the light fixture is working properly. They have to be replaced by a trained HVAC technician as the bulbs can be very dangerous to your eyes if looked at directly. This annual checkup can be done in conjunction with your seasonal cooling system inspection for greater convenience. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family will be breathing cleaner air throughout the rest of the year.

When you call Global Cooling, we can assist you with your UV light installation project. We can also help you maintain an efficient HVAC system to ensure your home is comfortable all year round. Call us to learn more about UV light HVAC services today!

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