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Many residentsWinter Garden HVAC Services consider Winter Garden to be one of the safest places to live in Orange County and in Florida as a whole. Yet when the summer months hit, that southeastern heat hits just as hard as anywhere else. In fact, Winter Garden ranks as one of the hottest places in the state.

Luckily, Global Cooling is here to serve the Winter Garden community. With over 50 years of combined experience in cooling and maintaining indoor air quality. We’ve been in the game since 2012, which gives us almost a decade of experience in helping homeowners to fight off heat waves and cold fronts.

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AC Tune-Ups

When you live in Florida, a functioning AC unit is not just a luxury; it’s vital for the comfort and safety of your household. That’s why Global Cooling boasts an all-encompassing AC repair and maintenance service.

It’s important to be proactive when it comes to AC repairs and maintenance. If you seek treatment for problems as soon as they arise, you can extend the lifespan of your system significantly.

If your system won’t turn on, it’s an obvious problem. But it’s also important to pay attention to any strange smells or sounds, along with sudden spikes in energy bills. These all reflect a need for a repair that you can easily schedule with a Global Cooling HVAC technician.

It’s best to schedule annual maintenance appointments to make sure your unit is running properly. Our technicians will check your unit for signs of damage and run tests on the interior components. If there are any parts of your system that are worn or damaged, we can provide same-day repairs at an affordable rate.

You depend on your air conditioning system to work. When you schedule a regular tune-up, it can help to ensure that your AC will continue running when you need it most, especially in the heat of a Winter Garden summer!

Air Quality Tools

If you’re looking to improve the indoor air quality of your home, we can help you to install germicidal UV lights.  These specialized tools are installed into your ductwork to purify the air that passes by. They can eliminate the hazards of things like mold, mildew, and even certain viruses.

It’s also important to change your air filters regularly. This ensures that you aren’t circulating the dust and debris that can get stuck in a filter over time. Together with an extra layer of UV protection, you’ll enjoy the cleanest, freshest, and coolest air possible.

For all of your air quality needs, turn to the experts at Global Cooling. We can help you to find the right solutions for your home.

Emergency AC Repair

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, your AC still might break down. The fuse might break, or there could be damage done to the compressor. There could even be debris in the cooling unit that can freeze your evaporator coil.

However it happens, when you are suddenly stuck without cool air in a heatwave, it’s a problem. Luckily, Global Cooling is here 24/7. Call us day or night and we can get your AC back up and running again in no time.

AC Replacement and Installation

Is your current unit outdated or beyond repair? If so, we offer professional and high-quality AC installation for all purposes. Whether you need to replace a current system or install a brand-new one, we offer a hassle-free process for purchases and installations.

When you work with us, we will walk you through your options to find the best fit for you and your home. We can give you a free estimate on our services and tell you about our many financing options.

At Global Cooling, all of our AC installations are backed by the same standards:

  • $500 No-Frustration Guarantee
  • Property Protection & Client Respect Guarantee
  • No Lemons Guarantee
  • Apples to Apples Guarantee

Homeowners can save upwards of 35% on their monthly energy bills by upgrading to a more efficient AC system. And when you upgrade through Global Cooling, you know that the job will be done right the first time.

Furnace Maintenance

Living in Florida means that you have to know how to stay cool. But when the weather gets colder, it’s also important to make sure you have a reliable heating system.

Like your AC, it’s best to get a furnace tune-up at least once a year, ideally before you need it. For furnace maintenance, we’ll send one of our technicians to inspect your system from top to bottom.  They’ll check for blockages in the vents, make sure that no components are loose, and ensure that the wiring is in good condition.

If a furnace repair is necessary, we’ll walk you through the process before we charge you for anything. And if your system is outdated and beyond repair, we can provide a replacement.

Service You Can Trust

No matter what the season may be, there’s one name you can always rely on — that’s Global Cooling. Give us a call today to learn more about our HVAC services in Winter Garden, FL.

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