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AC Replacement in Clermont, Florida

When summer is in full swing, you rely heavily on your air conditioning systems to keep your home’s temperature in check and maintain a flowing breeze in Clermont, FL. There’s nothing like escaping the sweltering heat when you open your front door, happily being greeted by the cool air circulating in your home.

Most ACs get heavy use, especially in Florida. Maintenance and repairs may be enough in some cases, but you will need a full AC replacement eventually.

Luckily it’s rare for a homeowner to be blindsided by a broken-down air conditioner. Your AC will begin to display minor signs of needing repair and grow increasingly unreliable as it is closer to its expiration.

When the time for an air conditioner replacement comes, you need trusted specialists who have extensive experience with AC installation, repair, and replacement. That’s us, Global Cooling!

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How to Determine Whether You Need an Air Conditioner Replacement

Your air conditioner may not give off immediately obvious signs of needing replacement. Instead, the symptoms typically range from almost undetectable to mildly inconveniencing. If you begin to notice any of these issues with your AC, it’s probably time to call Global Cooling for a replacement. 

Increased Energy Bills

Energy bills always increase during the summer months. How much is dependent on the household and their energy use, but when homeowners find astronomical numbers that can’t possibly be right, a faulty AC unit is probably to blame.

The older and less maintained an AC is, the harder it works to cool your home. In many cases, a struggling older unit will cost you more per month than a newer unit.

This extra expense, paired with how non-negotiable running your air conditioner is, can make summer quite expensive in Clermont, FL. Global Cooling can get you a replacement and get your energy bills back under control in no time.

Poor Airflow

Stuffy air is a major sign that your air conditioner needs a replacement. Once the unit does start pushing air throughout the house, it may create sounds that weren’t present before the problems started.

A noisy air conditioner with inadequate airflow is a primary symptom of needing Global Cooling’s professional AC care. You need your air conditioner working at its best at all times!

When your air conditioner starts to perform substandardly, there is no time to waste in Clermont, FL. Call Global Cooling and get your airflow back to normal!

Lack of Cool Air

A telltale sign that your AC unit is on its way out is cold air flowing after a considerable delay. If it’s taking several minutes for a rush of cool air to hit you after your system has been on and running, then there is definitely a problem you should look into.

Cool air should be reliable and quick to flow through the home. If it isn’t, call Global Cooling. Our experts will ensure your AC is in the best possible condition. 


By design, every AC will produce at least a minimal amount of condensation. A few droplets of moisture isn’t anything to worry about. However, when your air conditioner is making the area around it extremely damp or regularly leaking, there is cause for worry.

When your air conditioner leaks, it forces the system to work twice as hard. This can lead to other parts wearing down and creating an even bigger problem.

An excess of moisture is also potentially dangerous to the well-being of you and your family. It’s easy to think that a bit of water never hurts anybody, but moisture buildup can result in mildew or even harmful mold contaminating your home’s air. Call Global Cooling, and avoid unnecessary costs and risks to your health. 

HVAC Replacement and Installation

The important systems in your home need periodic maintenance and (eventually) a replacement. Knowing when you’re due for one can be tricky sometimes, and without obvious problems, it often slips many people’s minds.

For safety reasons, health concerns, and for the sake of saving money on your energy expenses, HVAC installation and replacement services are vital to the stability of your home. The worst feeling is needing these services after the problem is too far gone and you are without heating or cooling in your home.

Your home’s temperature significantly influences your comfort and quality of life. An HVAC replacement by Global Cooling can take the inside of your home from insufferable and frustrating to relaxing and inviting.

Scheduling and HVAC Installation is quicker than you think and saves you time, money, and stress in the long run. Take a second and call Global Cooling. You’ll be glad you did. 

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Our top-rated services are parallel to none. Global Cooling is committed to providing Clermont, FL, residents with comprehensive HVAC services. 

Global Cooling puts client satisfaction at the forefront of our service, from our in-house guarantees to our emergency services. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today!

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