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WithWindermere HVAC Services its unique position in between three lakes, Windermere has no shortage of outdoor recreational opportunities. The warm weather and sunshine make the “Park Among the Lakes” a favorite for many residents.

Once you’re done enjoying Windermere’s beautiful scenery, retreating to a cool, comfortable home makes for a perfect end to the day. Let’s face it:  Every Floridian appreciates the need for a good air conditioning system.

When it comes to keeping your AC working like it should, Global Cooling is the team for the job. Our full-service company can meet all of your heating and cooling needs. Not only do we offer the best customer service around, but we do it at a budget-friendly price. No job is too big or too small — our skilled technicians can do it all!

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AC Installation

Making the decision to replace your home’s air conditioning system is a major investment. That is why it is vital that you choose the right team for the job and get the correct unit the first time. Buying a subpar brand or purchasing a cooling system that’s the wrong size can lead to hefty and unnecessary expenses.

When you partner with Global Cooling for your new AC installation, we’ll make sure that you get a high-quality unit that will last. We only use the best brands and models that are suited for Florida’s subtropical environment.

One of our professionals will come to your home or business and help you to pick the right system to meet your needs. They will ensure that your new AC can keep up with the demands of your daily use.

To make things even easier, we offer FREE quotes on all AC installations. Our no-pressure sales process takes the stress out of buying a new AC system. All of our equipment and work is covered under a no-nonsense warranty. We stand behind our work! Our guarantee includes 

  • $500 No Frustration Guarantee
  • Property Protection & Client Respect Guarantee
  • No Lemon Guarantee
  • Your Satisfaction is Our Priority
  • Apples to Apples Guarantee

Your new AC will begin providing benefits right away. You can expect a cooler, more comfortable home and decreased utility bills. When you have an older unit, it becomes much less efficient over time. Once we install a brand-new energy-efficient model, your utility bills could drop by as much as 35%!


At Global Cooling, we want to give our customers the services that they need at a price that they can afford. We accomplish this through our flexible financing options. Our most popular option being our 18 months no interest plan.  This allows you to divide the cost of your new AC system into easy monthly payments. The application process is simple and efficient and you can get approved in minutes.

AC Maintenance and Cleaning

While we are happy to provide you with a new, high-efficiency air conditioning unit, our professionals will never sell you something that you do not need. Our team is well-versed in what it takes to repair air conditioners of all ages and styles. This means that we can get your AC working like it should in no time!

The best way to avoid costly repair bills is to have regular maintenance. It is a great idea to schedule an AC tune-up with us at least once per year. During this service call, one of our technicians will carefully inspect all of your air conditioning unit’s vital parts. If they notice anything that needs to be repaired, they can get it fixed quickly so that your AC will be ready for the summer.

If there is a problem with your AC, we will find it and we will fix it!

High-efficiency Air Cleaner

In addition to our comprehensive AC services, we can also help you to breathe easier during Windermere’s high-pollen months. Our team can outfit your existing AC system with a high-efficiency air cleaner. This includes replacing your standard filter with a high-efficiency air cleaner that will stop pollen in its tracks.

While the high-efficiency air cleaner can do a great job of keeping out contaminants, you can remove even more by installing a germicide UV lighting system. This specialized light kills mold and other illness-causing bacteria that thrive in the dark, moist areas of your ventilation systems. The combination of these items will significantly improve the air quality in your home.


Even though you only need your heating system for a few short months, Global Cooling can provide services for that, too! We offer affordable maintenance options to make sure that your heating system always works at its best.

We can repair your heating system when it is not working properly. Our team also provides heating installation when it’s time to replace your heater.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

We want to provide you with the best AC solutions available. That is why we also install cutting-edge Wi-Fi thermostats. These devices allow you to better manage your cooling system and optimize its efficiency. 

Whether you want to cool your house down on the way home from work or set automated temperature adjustments, Wi-Fi thermostats give you control on the go.

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