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7 Amazing Smart Thermostat Features and Benefits

by | Dec 17, 2021

Thermostat technology has come a long way over the years. While you used to be limited to just setting the temperatures, thermostats have evolved into sophisticated smart devices. Thermostats today offer just as much functionality as other smart devices, like integration into apps, home automation, smart settings, and even utilizing artificial intelligence to optimize system performance. 

In addition, smart thermostats, or WiFi thermostats, can seamlessly plug into a whole smart home system. Read on to learn the top seven benefits of investing in a smart thermostat.

1. Energy Efficiency

If you live in Clermont, FL, you’re familiar with hot summers. High temperatures can translate to high energy bills, and smart thermostats can help significantly with energy savings.  

As much as 50% of your energy bill can go to cooling your home in the summer. Most of us would like to save a dollar or two on these expensive bills. A smart thermostat can help. 

Smart thermostats do much more than traditional thermostats in helping you save on energy. They can learn your daily living habits (e.g., when you wake up, when you’re home, when you’re not) and basically run the system for you. This level of automation cuts energy waste significantly. 

After the installation of a smart thermostat, homeowners often see a 10% to 20% decrease in energy bill costs. If you have a multi-family home or want a smart thermostat for your business, you’ll definitely notice these savings, and your smart thermostat will pay for itself in no time.   

2. Remote Control

Another major benefit of WiFi thermostats is their remote control abilities. You can manage these devices from a smartphone or other connected device. Have you ever left the house and realized you forgot to turn down the thermostat? No problem with a smart thermostat! Most systems come with an app that allows you to control your system from anywhere you have a WiFi connection. 

You can check on the temperature of your home, adjust the setting, and even set timers, all remotely. This functionality is especially important for homeowners who are always on the go or forget to adjust their thermostat before leaving the house.

The remote control function allows you to change the temperature at any time, so if you are on your way home from a trip and want to warm the house up before you arrive, you can. That way, the climate is just how you like it when you get there.

3. Repair Notifications

Another great feature of smart thermostats is their repair notification capability. They monitor your system 24/7 and send you an alert if it detects something is not working normally. A WiFi thermostat’s monitor system is functioning continuously, so it knows when a sudden change in functionality could indicate a repair is needed. 

The system will then alert you to call for an inspection and address the issue early on. In addition, most apps will keep some sort of record of system functionality, which can be very helpful to a contractor attempting to diagnose the system.

Proactive repair notifications mean that your thermostat can detect underlying issues before you’d ever notice that something is wrong. Oftentimes, an HVAC system will appear to be working fine when it needs repair. Catching these underlying issues is a huge advantage because the earlier you notice problems with your heating and cooling systems, the better. 

If your heating and cooling systems have an underlying issue that goes undetected, there is a good chance the problem will get worse over time. Early detection usually means resolving a malfunction with a simple repair versus waiting several months and being stuck with a total breakdown. 

4. Multi-Zone Capability

One of the major downsides of traditional HVAC systems is that you have to heat your whole house to the same temperature, regardless of how you use the space. Smart thermostats address this issue. Many smart thermostats offer multi-zone heating and cooling. This means that you no longer have to heat or cool your entire home at once or to the same temperature. 

The multi-zone capability allows you to set different temperatures for different wings, floors, or even rooms of the house. Multi-zone capability can also be beneficial to businesses who may want to keep a waiting room or lobby at a different temperature than offices or other workspaces. 

Multi-zone functionality means no more fighting over what the thermostat is set to. It can also help you save on your energy bill because you can target the heat and cool to the part of your house that you are actually using, rather than waste energy regulating rooms that are not in use.

5. Data and Analytics

One major difference between WiFi thermostats and traditional thermostats is the monitoring capabilities. The only insight we have with traditional thermostats is our monthly power bills, which don’t tell us much. On the other hand, smart thermostats record your activity and recommend improving system performance and reducing your energy use. 

The smart thermostat app will let you see how many kilowatt-hours of electricity you used and how that energy was used. It even breaks it down by specific appliance, so you can see how much energy you dedicated to your water heater versus your refrigerator.

Once you know how your household uses energy, you can pay special attention to the areas that consume more power than you’d like. 

6. Home Automation

Some traditional thermostats offer minimal levels of programming, like turning up the temperature at a particular time of day. On the other hand, WiFi thermostats offer programming and home automation to learn your patterns and routines and make your house more comfortable and energy-efficient. And the beauty of automation is that you don’t have to do any of the work! 

Smart thermostats utilize occupancy sensors to know when you are spending time in various rooms and adjust the temperature accordingly. They also pick up on your habits over time. If you are sick of entering a freezing bathroom every morning at 6:15 a.m., the smart thermostat can learn your schedule and start heating that space before you even wake up.

7. Added Home Value

Some people hesitate to upgrade to smart thermostats because of the cost of installation. However, upgrading to a smart thermostat can be one of the best long-term investments you make in your home. 

Not only do smart thermostats allow you to enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home, but they improve the longevity of your system. Because smart thermostats are so good at promoting efficiency, you know your system will never be working harder than it has to. In addition, the malfunction detection features mean that you will catch issues early on before they develop and worsen. 

Get Expert Advice 

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to invest in a smart thermostat. If you still aren’t sure, let the HVAC professionals at Global Cooling help. We can offer advice on the best models and help you decide on a solution that is right for you.

If you are ready to move forward with your smart thermostat installation and reap all of the benefits of home automation, we have professionals standing by, ready to help. 

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