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How to Show Your AC System TLC

by | Oct 8, 2021

Florida weather is unforgiving in the summer, but it can stay hot in Clermont, FL, all year round. When you’re forced to battle both humidity and heat, you need an effective air conditioner on your team. Unfortunately, maintaining your air conditioner isn’t always easy. Florida’s weather can often put units through their paces, exposing them to adverse conditions within months of their initial installation.

Luckily, there’s something you can do to take care of your AC and prevent wear and tear. AC tune-up services can help you stay ahead of the strain Florida’s weather might otherwise put on your delicate system.

Looking for a professional to tune up your air conditioner? Don’t stress out looking for an “HVAC technician near me.” Instead, let the team with Global Cooling help you understand the ins and outs of your essential AC tune-up.

Tune-Ups and Preventing AC Damage

AC tune-ups and AC repairs are two different HVAC services. AC repairs come in handy when you’re facing an emergency or distinguishable damage. Conversely, AC tune-ups can help you contend with minor damage or damage that’s yet to present itself.

More specifically, AC tune-ups let area professionals familiarize themselves with the inner workings of your HVAC system. These tune-ups let a team change out your filter, look over your fan, and otherwise ensure that all of the moving parts within your system perform as they should. 

Common Types of AC Damage

Regular AC tune-ups make it less likely for some of the most common forms of AC damage to impact your unit. While age and natural disasters can both affect your unit, regular maintenance ensures that your air stays cool, your vents remain clear, and your energy bill stays low.

The average AC tune-up includes (but isn’t always limited to):

  • Assessing your air filter
  • Assuring installation efficiency (as applicable)
  • Recalibrating the thermostat
  • Calculating volt intake and electrical strain
  • Testing heating and cooling cycles
  • Replacing worn filters
  • Oiling, tightening, and otherwise maintaining moving parts
  • Replacing any damaged parts
  • Refilling refrigerant (as applicable)
  • Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils
  • Ensuring an efficient condenser drain

If you want to learn more about the AC tune-up process, you can sit down with one of the professionals serving Florida. Together you can discuss your unit’s make, model, and installation process along with any additional tune-up services you may need.

Does Your AC Model Impact the Tune-Up Process?

When a professional first comes out to your home, you’ll want to let them know what kind of AC model you have installed. Modern AC units, for example, tend to have more digitized features than units of yore. In turn, your contractor may need to tap into your IoT, or Internet of Things, to assess the condition of your unit correctly.

Older units, too, come with their own quirks. If your air conditioner was installed before the early 2000s, there’s a chance a contractor may need to refer to older guidebooks to assess the condition your unit is in.

When Do You Need an AC Tune-Up?

It’s best to schedule an AC tune-up within six months of your unit’s initial installation. From there, you can work with area professionals to determine how often you should maintain your unit moving forward. 

But if you’ve started to notice early signs of damage, then it may be time to call on the professionals in your area. AC conditions that you’ll want to watch for before a tune-up include:

  • Standing water
  • Unusual unit smells
  • Faltering fans
  • Fans that run constantly
  • Air that’s warm or inconsistent in temperature
  • Tripped breakers or other electrical problems

If you’ve experienced any of these damage symptoms or other unidentifiable conditions, call professionals like Global Cooling. We’ll schedule an AC tune-up to get your unit back into working order.

What Are The Benefits of an AC Tune-Up?

If you’re on the fence about your next AC tune-up, consider the benefits that come along with a professional inspection. When you schedule this kind of regular TLC for your AC, you can:

Save Money

You’d think, considering a tune-up’s initial cost, that regular AC tune-ups would cost you more money than they’d save you. However, this is not the case. AC tune-ups can consistently help you lower your monthly energy bill and limit repair expenses.

When you have a professional come out to your home to perform regular AC maintenance, you limit the kind of damage that you’d otherwise see. Things as insubstantial as a new filter or as comprehensive as new vent covers can help you keep your energy bill consistent, meaning that it will be easier for you to budget from month to month.

What’s more, AC tune-ups familiarize area professionals with the overall look of your air conditioner. Professionals who know what early signs of damage may look like can help you restore your air conditioner long before the system starts to fail your home. In turn, you can avoid the bills that tend to accompany large-scale forms of HVAC damage.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Florida is known for many notable things一Disney World, its beaches, alligators, most of all, heat. Come the dog days of summer, you need a powerful, working air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. An air conditioner that’s begun to accumulate signs of damage may still pump cool air through your home, but it’s not going to keep up with Florida’s weather for long.

When you have regular AC tune-ups on the books, you can keep your space liveable during the hottest months of the year. You won’t have to worry about sudden outages or other forms of AC failure. Instead, when the temperature starts to rise, you can head inside and stay cool.

Avoid Structural Damage

Your AC can experience leaks of its own throughout a season of use. But did you know that a damaged AC unit can also make your home more vulnerable to additional forms of damage? 

An AC that’s become a home for pests or mold and doesn’t receive professional care can spread its unwelcome guests to other parts of your home. Before you know it, you may find yourself contending with a widespread infestation.

A damaged AC also leaks a significant amount of moisture into the air. If you can’t get a handle on that leakage, there’s a chance that it may impact the structural integrity of your home’s supports, insulation, concrete, and more.

That means AC tune-ups benefit more than just your air conditioner. When you schedule time for professionals to come out to your property, you keep your whole home a little safer.

Can You Schedule an AC Tune-Up If You Don’t Have AC Problems?

While AC tune-ups can be a spur of the moment thing, you also have the option to schedule your tune-up long before any signs of damage start to appear throughout your home. You can set regular AC maintenance dates with the HVAC professionals in Clermont, FL. This way, your AC can consistently benefit from the TLC it needs. 

These regular tune-ups help you get ahead of any burgeoning damage. Similarly, they can alert both you and the professionals in your area to any growing problems should something change in your system between visits.

Connect with Global Cooling for an AC Tune-Up Today

Your air conditioner performs an essential service for your home. If you want it to keep doing its job, then you need to schedule regular AC tune-ups. Connect with the Global Cooling team to learn about our AC inspections, tune-ups, and additional HVAC services. You can get a free quote on your tune-up over the phone or via email.