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Can Air Filters Kill the Coronavirus?

by | Sep 9, 2020

It’s been a few months since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and there is still a lot of misinformation out there. In a very chaotic time, it’s natural to search for something to hold on to. Luckily, we have some expertise to offer you so you can understand how COVID-19 and HVAC systems interact with each other.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

We want to make sure we start off by recommending that you listen to the scientists and authorities. We aren’t public health policy experts or epidemiologists. It’s important to follow the recommended guidelines and avoid large gatherings. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently and take other necessary precautions to protect yourself and others.

Can Air Filters Kill the Novel Coronavirus?

It’s not often that HVAC equipment and technology interacts with such an important ongoing event. As the crisis has progressed, we understand that surfaces and direct contact is the most likely method of transmission. This means that even if a device could filter coronavirus from the air, you would not be protected.

Despite that information, you may still be wondering whether a typical air filter can capture the virus. The answer is probably not. The highest-rated air filters have been known to capture extremely fine particles as small as viruses, but most people don’t have these filters in their homes and they probably aren’t even reasonable for you to have since they can cause problems with airflow. Ultimately, most homes have air filters that only capture larger contaminants like dust and pollen.

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