Recognizing the challenges

of managing a comfortable and energy efficient home in Central Florida, Global Cooling, LLC simplifies control.  We offer customized Home Automation systems and WiFi Thermostats, saving you time and money, while improving everyday life.  Contact us at (352) 293-2984, and we’d be happy to explain options and benefits, tailor our recommendations to suit, and deliver satisfying results.

Enjoy the convenience of a home automation system!

A Home Automation System links the essential appliances and systems in your home, providing easier access and promoting superior operation, regulation, and maintenance.  From security cameras, lighting, and door locks to heating, cooling, and air quality, you can make adjustments and keep a closer watch on your home from virtually anywhere.  Let us create a smart home which works for you.

Call today for WiFi thermostat installations or service!

A WiFi Thermostat is an affordable upgrade which makes a significant impact.  Providing far more than temperature control, these sophisticated options offer energy saving tips, maintenance reminders, trim running costs, maximize comfort, and make it easy to better manage essential heating and cooling equipment.  Attractive and user-friendly, a WiFi thermostat is the perfect addition to any home.